Sunday, 29 November 2015

29.11.2015// christmas wishlist

It's almost December and that means that Christmas is coming up!
I cannot wait to celebrate it next to the mistletoe with my family and some delicious food!!!
Anyhow, the older I get, the more difficult I find it to think about something to ask for... That's why I made a little wishlist that you guys could use as a gift inspiration for yourself or others... :-)
I really hope this will be useful to you, have fun!
P.S.: I don't expect to get all the stuff of this list at all and I am in no way 'bragging' about this. The only thing that really counts at Chistmas time is to spend time together with your family! I hope you'll understand. :-)

Make-Up Brushes - Set: same here

I am currently trying to make more time to use more make-up so this one is pretty self-explanatory haha... :-)

Earphones: same here
Mine died a couple days ago, so new ones are veeery necessary!

Corkboard Worldmap: same here
This one is soooo cool like really!?! Even though I don't really need it it would look so good in my room... :-D

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon - Concert Tickets:
I would literally die from happiness if I was given a ticket for her concert in Belgium! Unfortunately, none of the honeymoon tour dates or places are known yet... But actually, any concert ticket would make me happy :-D

Watch: same here
The bracelet of my watch broke a couple months ago and I haven't been able to find a new satisfying one since then. I think the Daniel Wellington ones are very pretty but I am too clumsy for it's price haha... *cries*

Victoria's Secret:
I am so addicted to lingerie at the moment, it's incredible! This is the reason why any Victoria's Secret gift would make me the happiest girl in the world, haha!  

Trip To London:
London is definetly my most favorite city of all times! It's been way too long since I have been there... *cries again* That's why this would definetly be an awesome present!!


Thursday, 19 November 2015

19.11.2015// new in


I am sooo sorry for not posting in so long... I have been incredibly busy with school! And I'm very sorry but I will not be posting as much as I used to because of all the stress I have... So now you know, if you were wondering. ;-)
Buuut apart from learning and doing homework and making presentations I have been shopping! The stuff is partly from an online-shop called and partly from shops in Brussels.
So just let us get straaaight into it!

PS.: I'm sorry for not being colorful, I'll try to do better next time! :-D

grey shirt with white hem:, 14- same here

My sister calls this the Dylan O'Brien-shirt, because apparently, this is the kind of shirt he would wear in the series Teen Wolf. Although I'm not really a series-person I would really like to know which ones you watch? Tell me in the comments section! 

 sheer white top with lace:, 13€ - similar here

 I'm not so sure about this one, because the neckline is very plunging and 'risky'. The material is very sheer so you can see everything through... So I still have to see what I'll do with it.

thin, flecked jumper: H&M kids, 12,99€ - similar here

What would be a haul without an item from the kids section, right? :-D
Anyhow, this jumper is soo comfy! It's perfect for fall time because of the thin material. 

off-the-shoulder longsleeve: Primark, 3€ - similar here

I'm not too sure about this one neither. It doesn't fit in a proper way and makes my body look strange... But I still like it! You feel me? 
Also I feel really bad for paying this tiny amount of money for something probably made by Asian kids...

lace-detailed blouse: Primark, 13€ - similar here

I love love love this! It has become one of my go-to-pieces because it matches with every color and the lace detailing and pompoms makes it look less boring.
(By the way, I was wearing this today. Coincidence? I don't think so... :-D )

oversized pink shirt: 11€, - same here

This my aaabsolute favorite color of all time! (Guess I must've said that before)
Since the neckline is very open, this shirt looks very cute with a detailed racerback top underneath it.

blue printed top: 7€, -

Do you know these things you don't really need but buy anyway? Well, that's one of those things. I won't be able to wear it until May but hey, it's cute?!

ribbed longsleeve: 12€, Primark - similar here

Another basic staple piece. The ribbed gives it an interesting texture and it's perfect for layering. :-) 

ribbed co-ord set: 20€, - same here 

 Not my picture, I know. After taking a couple of pictures of those items I realized that they all went blurry. :-(
Anyway, I needed the shorts for P.E. at school - they demand black or navy shorts so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an extra pair, is it? The top is very cute, but out of my comfort zone... But I'll manage to wear it anyway. :-)

 charcoal and cream knitted sweaters: 11€ each, - same here and here

 Again - I needed one of these so with no long reflection they were thrown in the shopping bag. They are super comfy and cute and easy to style and to layer and and and...

grey coat with faux-fur collar: 120€, Benetton - same here

I literally searched whole Brussels for a new coat and ta-daa! I love the color and the faux-fur collar which is sooo soft!

grey and white baseball tee: 12€, forever 21 - same here

Not my picture either! I was unable to find it at the moment when I wanted to take pictures of the stuff, so yeah... Mine's originally from America Today, but it was probably sold out or something because I couldn't find it anywhere on the website...

oldschool Vans: 75€, Vans - same here

I really really needed a new pair of black sneaker to make it through the winter, haha! It's very classic but not that everyone-has-this- kind of pair. :-)

That's it, have a wonderful day!